Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Well, the yarn for the cutest little boy sweater vest I've ever seen (the one on the bottom left) will have to go back. (Did anyone follow that sentence? I barely did, and I wrote it). I found out today that I will have to pay for the dyeing class I'm taking at Heritage on Saturday. Fortunately, I still get a 25% discount, but it was $50 I hadn't planned on spending. So, with the plans to buy a house, the $40 worth of yarn will have to go back. Ah well. It's not like I don't have a little stash to draw other projects from. If I can just resist the temptation to find some replacement yarn for the adorable pattern, and also resist any Koigu that crosses my path, no matter how much it begs me to take it home, and promises not to eat all the food in the fridge and hey, would you like a foot massage while your dinner is cooking? On second thought, if Koigu would do that, I would ask Greg if he fancies sharing.

On a different subject (well, not too different, it's still knitting), I'm going to see if I can post pictures.

If you can see anything, that's my precious firstborn, wearing my first sweater design. A simple pullover with set-in sleeves and seed stitch edges. The sleeves were supposed to be short, but came out as three-quarters. I will just pretend I planned it that way, because I really like it.

Unfortunately, as beautiful as she thinks the sweater is, it makes her itch. So now what? I just get sad when I look at it now, thinking of how excited we both were when I was working on it. Still, what possessed me to make a child's sweater out of a mohair blend?

Oh yes. The clearance sale.


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