Sunday, July 11, 2004

My Hollywood Knits-inspired halter is coming along nicely, though I had a hiccup when I realized that my shop was out of the color I needed. I was about 10 rows into the first half of the halter, and I thought, "Maybe I should just rip it out and forget about this blankety-blank project." But that would add a nagging thought about unfinished projects to an already overfull mind. So I called around and the second lys I contacted not only had the yarn, but told me that it will be going on sale Thursday! Is it too much to hope for that they'll have the same dye lot I'm using? Probably, but maybe I'll get lucky.

In other news, we have probably found an area in which to live, if not a specific house. It's a quiet, semi-rural area, with better (than Pontiac) schools, and a low crime rate (also unlike Pontiac). It's farther from my family and friends than I would like, but not so far as to require a whole day of driving. The major drawback that I can think of right now is that there don't seem to be any yarn shops nearby. Yikes!


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